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Being Disciples - essentials of the Christian Life

The former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams’ book, Being Disciples, was a good one to follow for our Parish Lent Course, beautifully written, easy to follow and giving really thoughtful and thought provoking insights into what it means to be a disciple.

As congregations, we are a pretty mixed bag – some having been on the pilgrimage road for a long time and some just beginning to step out.
This is what makes for good exchanges and good fellowship.
Folk who see each other maybe once a week in church get to know a little of their fellows, and this can help us to appreciate them – love them – just a little bit more, hopefully the more we see of them perhaps in a small discussion group seeking Jesus, the more we find him working in and through them – and us.

Group study is an opportunity for various and diverse people to share - remembering Jesus saying that whenever two or three gather together in his name he will be in the midst of them. In a small group, no one need feel intimidated, no one needs to feel that the questions that trouble them are unique or silly or of no importance.
If they feel happier just listening to others – that’s OK, if they want to ask a question or speak out about an experience, a doubt, a blessing received – that’s OK too.
No one is being judged and there is not a test at the end!

Now - our Lent Course has ended and we celebrate the Glory of Easter. We are encouraged to read on from Easter Day to “What happened next?”
I am interested to learn of the Apostles confusion, feeling lost, adrift, perhaps abandoned. What did they do? They met together. Talking over the things that had happened, what did it all mean and where did they go from here?

From this we learn a number of things – they needed each other, for reassurance, for comfort, for strength, each one gaining something from the other. And while they were gathered to- gether Christ came among them.
He was there already, seen or unseen, as his is with us, but he did choose to show himself more clearly whilst they were seeking the way forward TOGETHER.

Does this give us a hint of how we could seek him? Together - with others who love him and try to be his disciples, others who are no more perfect than we are, that are no more confident than we are, that no more “Have all the answers” than we do, but who overcome their shyness and open their hearts – maybe their homes – to talk with others of the things of God, of the Gospel, of Jesus Christ.

There are other study groups in the pipeline, nothing scary or exclusive, just people like you and me gathering together learning to walk with God.
  ​​Joy Yorke