In the general exchange of thoughts that was part of the Thursday morning Lent group, Fr. Roger mentioned that he’d always thought that it’s a pity people don’t make more of the days after Easter, to reflect on the great happenings that we had been concentrating on for the previous six weeks, how everything seems to fall flat after Easter Day – folk going off on holiday etc. 
Fr. Richard pointed out that there are in fact 50 days between Easter and Pentecost that could – should – be used in such a way. 
Pentecost means 50 days, though us oldies still call the Feast Whitsun evoking memories of the white clothing worn by the newly baptized on this Sunday. 
       About the same time we were discussing all this, my Godson and his wife were awaiting with excitement and a little anxiety, the birth of their first child.
When the due date had been exceeded by a couple of weeks, the wait was beginning to get a little fraught. But their beautiful daughter duly condescended to make her grand entrance and all is now well. Hooray! It’s all over.
But the truth is, as any parent will tell you - - the adventure has only just begun. 
The days, weeks, months and years of getting to know this sweet mite – how to do your best by her, loving and caring, teaching and sharing, might have started nine months before, but they certainly didn’t end the day she opened her eyes to the rest of her life.
       So it is with Easter, the day of Jesus’ Resurrection was never meant to be the end, “Whew, that’s over, we can go back to normal now”, no – the disciples knew that they had been given a most wonderful gift but they were not quite sure what it was or what they were to do with it (shades here of new parents!) 
Jesus, in his wisdom knew that they would need all the help they could get and had promised to send a strengthener, a guide to show them what it was all about, what to do and to give them – and us - the courage to get on with it in the coming days, weeks, months and years ahead; to do their – our - best to get closer to Him in love, understanding and obedience, and to share this understanding with others. 
       The “Baby” they had been given was the infant Church, now passed to us, and the 40 days of our Lenten discipline were the next step in our big adventure, in company with Our Lord and The Holy Spirit and our fellow Christians to do OUR best to take The Good News of God’s redeeming love into the world.
       We celebrate the coming of The Holy Spirit - in tongues of flame, to set our hearts and souls ablaze with Divine Love - on June 4th, Pentecost.

 I’d just finished writing this Page when I learned of the death of Fr. Roger Davison. Others will record his life, but I want to give thanks for his care-full teaching of The Faith, and of Divine Love within The Beauty of Holiness, a true Disciple of The Lord. 
+ May he rest in peace, and rise in Glory.

Joy Yorke