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St Marys 600 Appeal
Update October 2022

It is almost two years since the Appeal was launched to address, in the first place, the needs of the church building:

  • to replace the heating system with something more efficient and adaptable

  • to finalise the installation of a proper and more pleasing Servery and Welcome Desk

  • to make the essential repairs to the tower and spire, the roof and stonework of the church.

This exterior work on the church is largely covered by an existing Legacy and although held up occasionally by our feathered friends, is ongoing and financially secure.

The other two projects, the Heating and the Servery are finished. The funds are in place for the final bills and it’s time to thank each and every member of our church and beyond for raising, in just two years, the fantastic sum of £141,000.

  • Funds from Grants and Corporate bodies have realised £37,000

  • Other large and generous donations, legacies have given £27,000

  • 22 people pledged £1K each at the outset = £22,000

  • Others, all of you, have made regular or occasional donations, supported our fundraising events and initiatives, or used your skills and talents to raise £38,000

  • 100 people have joined the Tote which makes £3,000 per year, as well as an extra £2,000 this year from donated winnings

  • £12,000 has been claimed through Gift Aid from those donations which are eligible.

Our fundraising team has worked very hard to apply for and eventually receive substantial funds from Grants. Members with fund raising experience have used their expertise to huge advantage during this time and our thanks and admiration go to them.

Otherwise it’s the general congregation of St Mary’s and beyond who have financed the proceedings and we thank each and every one; whether your contribution has been large or small, your enthusiasm and good will has been evident … well done.

Avril Harlow (Treasurer)

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