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NEW for 2023

We are delighted to announce that this year you can watch the peregrines in their nest on the church spire via a webcam kindly sponsored by The Ashgrove Clinic.
WATCH our peregrines


Click on the red button with a white arrow to see live streaming of the peregrines on their nest.

Want to see highlights of what has happened in the last few weeks?

Visit The Ashgrove Clinic website


Note: During the camera installation process the RSPB and Natural England were consulted to ensure that the law concerning protected birds was followed. No licences were needed, since the camera was installed out of season and the birds were not disturbed in any way.

Our Peregrines Story
How it all began ...

In 2021 we were delighted when two young peregrine falcons, a breeding pair (a lad from Leicestershire and a Lancashire lass), took up residence on the church spire.

Their first young ...

We were absolutely thrilled when it became obvious that they had mated and laid eggs, which hatched in May. In early June little faces appeared as they waited to be fed by their parents.


We think the first one fledged in the second week of June, but it still returned to the nest to be fed. The remaining three young birds soon emerged, and it was not long before they were finding their own prey ─ they were seen catching young starlings and even black-headed gulls.

Their story  in pictures 

Our thanks go to Alan Goodger for kindly giving permission for us to publish these stunning photographs.


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