A BIG thank you

Thank you for your wonderful support this year.

The last few weeks have been very busy with an amazing volume of donations and a steady increase in the numbers visiting us, and sadly we anticipate this will increase in the New Year.

Our current ongoing needs are - washing tablets, pods (size 10 washes), fabric conditioner, antibacterial spray, bleach, shampoo, conditioner, 50g jars of coffee, 500g bags of sugar, jam, chocolate spread, honey, tinned fruit, rice pudding, custard.

If you’re not able to leave donations in the boxes in each church donations from St John’s can be dropped off directly with Sara Owst, and donations from St Mary’s with Jane Smeathers at 4 Meadow Walk in Higham, or use the donation points in local supermarkets.

THANK YOU again!

Jane Smeathers

Our churches are open for private prayer only but our online worship continues

United Benefice of St. Mary and St. John

St. Mary the Virgin Church

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  • St. Mary the Virgin

St. John the Baptist Church

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