New Year – New Beginnings

Michelle writes:

It‘s been an enormous privilege and joy to share with you all in the life of our Benefice and to be able to bring us together in service of our community and in praise of God and in love for one another, to effect some healing and help us find our calling together. I have absolutely loved my time with you all and will find it very hard indeed to say farewell – luckily I am not going to be so far away!

Despite the challenges of Covid, we are in a very different, happier and more secure place than we were three years ago and so much has happened and grown during that time and will continue to do so. We can now plan and prepare for what will be a new and exciting chapter ahead. In meantime it is very much business as usual, the rest of our Advent journey to continue and Christmas to celebrate. Let‘s make these next three months the best part yet!