Our fun monthly lottery ...

What is it?

Simply a fun monthly lottery to raise funds for the “600 Appeal” for the restoration and improvement of St Mary’s Church, including a new heating system.

Who can take part?

Anyone and everyone over the age of 16, with a maximum of 100 people.

How does it work?

Each person to contribute £5 monthly. A draw will take place for the prizes at each Farmers’ Market coffee morning, starting in August. Half of the £500 raised each month will generate prizes of £150, £75 and £25, and the other half will go to the Appeal, thus raising £3000 per year for our church.

How do I take part?

Email or ring Amanda Smith, or 07764 589342 to check that a place is still available, and give her your contact details - obviously needed when you win! Then set up a standing order for £5 monthly, starting 1st August 2021, payable to “St Mary the Virgin PCC Higham 600 Appeal”, Sort Code 30-96-09, Account Number 84427260. We suggest that you use as reference “100”, followed by your name.

While we hope you will sign up for the full five year duration of the Appeal, you can do so for a minimum of one year upwards. From then on, there is nothing further to do, other than collect your winnings!

Sue Dennis