Summer 2021

Dear friends

‘Freedom Day’ beckons and the end of all restrictions on the 19 July. We await the final confirmation of this on Monday and then the guidance from the Church of England to follow, but it seems clear that we are moving into a new phase where ‘personal responsibility’ is replacing Government legislation as to how we deal with the ongoing realities of Covid.

While we are so looking forward to life returning to normal as much as possible, there is the concern of rapidly increasing numbers of infections and an uncertainty as yet as to quite what that will mean. Our vaccination programme has been amazingly successful, but with 64% of the adult population double-vaccinated, there are still a significant number of people at risk of infection and illness. Our younger people are now the ones most affected and we still don’t know all the implications of long-Covid.

In responding to the Prime Minister’s announcement last week, The Bishop of
London, Sarah Mullally, chair of the Church of England’s Covid Recovery Group, said; ...

Revd. Michelle Dalliston

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