St Mary the Virgin Church,

Church Walk,

Higham Ferrers,


St. John the Baptist Church,

Caldecott Road,

Chelveston cum Caldecott




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Benefice Newsletter

WELCOME to today’s organist at Higham, Richard Heyes.


CONGRATULATIONS to Marian Cox who will be 90 on Wednesday 22nd January.  She is living in the Shrubbery Care Home.

FAREWELL TO FR TOM:  Many thanks to everyone for making Fr Tom's farewell services and shared lunch such a splendid send off for him - it was especially good to gather together as a Benefice to celebrate Fr Tom's time with us even if there were a few tears too!  We wish him all the best for this next stage of his ministry.

HELP PLEASE!  The Fundraising Committee are running the Farmers’ Market coffee morning in the Bede House on Sat 25th January.  Cakes for sale will be gratefully received on the day.

CHILDREN'S SOCIETY:  Thank you to all those who have returned their boxes (12).  A total of £186.44 will be sent to the Children's Society.  You will all receive new boxes which will show you the amount of money collected in your box, and nine more people have asked to have a box.  If you want to get rid of those pesky 5p and 1p coins why not become a box holder by contacting Alison Oberman tel:  01933 412874.

EPIPHANY GIFTS:  During the season of Epiphany and up to Candlemas on 2nd February, as we remember the gifts of the Magi to the Christ Child, you are invited to consider making an Epiphany Gift which helps towards the cost of our worship week by week.  Look out for the Gift Aid envelopes with special labels - if you can Gift Aid that will increase the value of your gift whether it is £1 (for 20 votive lights) or £400 (for a new chalice), but anything you can contribute will make a real difference.  We will offer all the Epiphany Gifts at Candlemas as we give thanks for the gift of the Christ Child - the best gift of all! 

BISHOP'S BIBLE DAY:  Bishop Donald will be holding two more of his much valued Bible Days, this time with the theme 'The Bible and Prayer'.  There are two alternative days and venues - either Saturday 22nd February at Peterborough Cathedral or Saturday 14th March at Northampton High School from 9.30 am-4 pm.  Both will also include addresses by Bishop Donald and a choice of workshops and are open to everyone to attend.  Leaflets available at the back of church, or please speak to Michelle or Brenda.

QUIZ NIGHT hosted by St Mary’s Tots Group on Friday 28th February 2020 in the Bede House, £15 per team (max 6), bar available plus food to order on the night.  Contact Sarah Garley < to book last few tables!

CALL TO ALL FOR UNWANTED CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS:  This might seem a little premature.  However Brenda and Sara on behalf of Knit and Natter at St. John’s would like to ask all that if after Christmas you have any decorations you no longer need or want to store we will collect them ready for our ‘Recycle Christmas’ and craft event next year.  Please contact Brenda on 07816 771702 or 01933 357708.   


William Abbott, John Arkell, Wallis Beard, Richard Bedells, Madge Boxall, Daniel Boxall, Tony Brown, Maureen Coles, Hazel Cragg, Pat Ellis, Angela Fulcher, Geoff Headland, Cynthia Hobson, Noreen Holmes, Leigh Kingdon,
Tim McGuire, Annette Norman, Freda Pack, Peter Paynton, Anna Sauntson, Elizabeth Swindley, Garth Ward, Sara Whatley, Margaret Whiteman.

Chelveston:    Joan Amos, Brittany Fowler, Muriel Palmer, Diana Wright.

IN MEMORIAM:    Stanley Rollings, Robert Daly (funeral 22nd January, 10.30 am, St John's)
                              Graham Hill (thanksgiving service 20th January, at 2 pm, St John's)

YEAR’S MIND ANNIVERSARIES:  Joy Golding, Edward Fane, Annie Abbott, Alfred Revell, Alice Upton, Ettie Green, Thomas Ingram, Norah Hagger, Ethel Stokes, Dinah Willmott, Kitty Rodis, Beatrice Weed, Robert Frisby, Horace Scott, Thomas Evans, William Webb, Ralph Dunmore, Cecil Holyoak, Dorothy Burton, Albert Morris, Ivan Driver, Gerald Hunt, Edward Tompkins, Albert Wilson, John Tombling (priest), Nellie Thompson, Carla Radok, Kate Pitts, Elsie Eady, Albert Knight, Francis Wagstaff, Natalie Woods.