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305th Bomb Group Memorial Association

In 1940 the Air Ministry built an airfield at Chelveston which was used for a variety of experiments which were carried out using troop carrying gliders with Stirlings and Wellingtons.


The airfield was handed over to the USAF in July 1942 and was used by two Groups until November 1942 when the 305th Bomb Group moved in.

They flew B17 "Flying Fortresses" on daylight bombing missions over Germany.

Just over 800 airmen were killed during the 480 missions flown from Chelveston.

With over 4000 servicemen stationed at Chelveston there was a regular connection with the Parish Church of St. John the Baptist. Thanks to the Association there are a number of memorials around the church including a Book of Governors inside the church which contains letters from the Governors of every on of the States of the USA.

In 1980 the Tower of the church was restored with financial assistance from the Association and on the East face of the tower is a memorial to the men who lost their lives flying from Chelveston.

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