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Celtic 30.11.2022
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Call to Worship

We make our hearts ready                                                         

For the King of Glory to come in. 

Through the doors of our heart, though they are made of only the simplest wood,

We make our hearts ready                                                         

For the King of Glory to come in

Leader; We open these doors now, fully and completely with all of our will and all of our strength. With all of our uncertainty and all of our weakness we pray.


Prayer of Thanksgiving

For your word which endures
We give you thanks
For your promises to which we hold
We give you thanks
For such intimacy with you
We give you thanks
For the love which from our birth
Over and around us lies
We give you thanks
For those gathered here today
We give you thanks
For family, friend and stranger
We give you thanks
For those who minister your grace
We give you thanks
For the hope that lives each Advent
of a love that has no end
We give you thanks, Amen

The Word of God 

O God of the weak,
O God of the lowly,
O God of the righteous,
O shield of your people, speak now through your word. 


A portion of scripture is read, followed by a short silence.
At the end we say:

Thanks be to God.

Short Reflection

Music - time for reflection


Affirmation of Faith

 We believe in God, the Creator!
Maker of everything,
Author of the Universe,
And Mystery behind every matter.
We believe in Jesus Christ!
God from God, Light from Light, true God and true human,
One with the Creator.
He is the Word made flesh and the Saviour of all creation!
We believe in the Holy Spirit!
Breath of God moving among us,
One with the Creator and one with Christ,
He is our Guide and the Mentor of all creation!

Prayers of Concern

Special Prayers of Intercession will be spoken  


Leader: O Christ, kindle within our hearts
a flame of love to our neighbour,
to our foes, to our friends, to our kindred all.

All: O Christ of the poor and the yearning,                              from the humblest thing that lives                                            to the name that is highest of all,
kindle within our hearts a flame of love:    

Leader:  We are placing our souls and our bodies
under your guarding this night, O Christ.

All:  O Son of the tears, of the wounds,
of the piercings,                                                                              may your cross this night be shielding all. 


Short introduction to Meditation

Music - for meditation Advent Hymn

We pause here for 5 minutes meditation. If you wish to meditate for longer then press your pause button and resume for the Blessing when you are ready.


We receive God's blessing

 Leader     The peace of God be

         over you to shelter you,

         under you to uphold you,

         about you to protect you,

         behind you to direct you,

         ever with you to save you.

All:             The peace of all peace

                   be mine this night.

         + in the name of the Father,

         and of the Son,

         and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Music to finish

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