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Music plays before the service as we sit in silence

Please join in all the responses in bold type

Celtic 29th November 2023
00:00 / 29:50

Welcome and Opening Responses 

Leader: Come to us this night, O God,


All: Come to us with light. 

(Here a candle may be lit and placed centrally) 

A candle is lit as a symbol of holiness, goodness, knowledge, wisdom, grace, hope and God’s revelation.

Leader: Speak to us this night, O God,

All: Speak to us your truth. 

(Here a Bible may be placed centrally)
We read from the Bible, the word of God, which teaches us about Christian faith, our sin and God’s plan of salvation through Jesus Christ.

                                                                                                 Leader:  Dwell with us this night, O God,


All: Dwell with us in love.


(Here a cross may be placed centrally) 

The cross is a symbol of Christ himself and the Christian faith, through Christ’s passion and death we are redeemed.


Opening Prayer  - We say together

All: You are the love
of each living creature O God
You are the warmth
of the rising sun
You are the whiteness
of the moon at night
You are the life
of the growing earth
You are the strength
of the waves of the sea.
Speak to me this night O God
Speak to me your truth.
Dwell with me this night O God
Dwell with me in love.

The Word of God - Reading 

Leader: O God, as these words are read, 

All: In our hearts may we feel your presence. 

At the end we say:

Thanks be to God.

A Short Reflection

Music / a short period of silence for reflection


Affirmation of Faith from Iona

 All: We believe that God is present

in the darkness before dawn;

in the waiting and uncertainty

where fear and courage join hands,

conflict and caring link arms,

and the sun rises over barbed wire.

We believe in a with-us God

who sits down in our midst

to share our humanity.

We affirm a faith

that takes us beyond the safe place:

into action, into vulnerability

and into the streets.

We commit ourselves to work for change

and put ourselves on the line;

to bear responsibility, take risks,

live powerfully and face humiliation;

to stand with those on the edge;

to choose life

and be used by the Spirit

for God's new community of hope.


Prayers of Concern 

Intercessions will be said followed by the prayers below.  


All: Eternal Light, shine into our hearts;                

Eternal Goodness, deliver us from evil;              

Eternal Power be our support;                           

Eternal wisdom, scatter the darkness of our ignorance;     Eternal pity have mercy on us.

Grant that we may ever seek Your face with all our heart, soul and strength. And in your infinite mercy bring us at last to the fullness of your presence where we shall behold Your glory and live Your promised joys.



Music - for meditation 

We pause here for 5 minutes meditation. If you wish to meditate for longer then press your pause button and resume for the Blessing when you are ready.


May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face;
the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand.

 Leader     The peace of God be

         over you to shelter you,

         under you to uphold you,

         about you to protect you,

         behind you to direct you,

         ever with you to save you.

All:             The peace of all peace

                   be ours this night.

         + in the name of the Father,

         and of the Son,

         and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Music to finish

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