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Music plays before the service as we sit in silence

Please join in all the responses in bold type

Celtic 15.3.23 -
00:00 / 29:30

Welcome and Opening Responses 

Leader: Come to us this night, O God,


All: Come to us with light. 

(Here a candle may be lit and placed centrally) 

A candle is lit as a symbol of holiness, goodness, knowledge, wisdom, grace, hope and God’s revelation.

Leader: Speak to us this night, O God,

All: Speak to us your truth. 

(Here a Bible may be placed centrally)
We read from the Bible, the word of God, which teaches us about Christian faith, our sin and God’s plan of salvation through Jesus Christ.

                                                                                                 Leader:  Dwell with us this night, O God,


All: Dwell with us in love.


(Here a cross may be placed centrally) 

The cross is a symbol of Christ himself and the Christian faith, through Christ’s passion and death we are redeemed.


Prayer of Thanksgiving

Leader: Thanks be to you O Christ, 

All: For the many gifts you have bestowed on us,                                            Each day and night, each sea and land, Each weather fair, each calm, each wild. 

Leader: Each night may we remember your mercy given so gently and generously. 

All: Each thing we have received,             From you it came;                                        Each thing for which we hope,
From your love it will come;                      Each thing we enjoy,
It is of your bounty;                                     Each thing we ask,
Comes of your disposing. 

Leader: O God, from whom each thing that is, freely flows, 

All: Grant that no tie over strict,
no tie over dear,                                           May be between ourselves
and this world. Amen. 

The Word of God & A Short Reflection

Leader: O God, as these words are read, 

All: In our hearts may we feel your presence. 


A portion of scripture is read, followed by a short silence.
At the end we say:

Thanks be to God.

Music - time for reflection


Affirmation of Faith

 We believe in God the Father, from whom every family in heaven and on earth is named.

We believe in God the Son, who lives in our hearts through faith, and fills us with his love.

We believe in God the Holy Spirit, who strengthens us with power from on high.

We believe in one God; Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen

Prayers of Concern 

Intercessions will be said followed by the prayers below.  At the end of the intercessions there will be a short time for you to light a candle in prayer for someone you know. This can be done in silence or by freely speaking the name. 


All: Calm me, O Lord, as you stilled the storm.                    

Still me, O Lord, keep me from harm.                       

Let all the tumult within me cease.                     

Enfold me, Lord, in Your peace.

Leader:  We are placing our souls and our bodies
under your guarding this night, O Christ.

All:  O son of the tears, of the wounds, of the piercings,    may your cross this night be shielding all. 



Music - for meditation 

We pause here for 5 minutes meditation. If you wish to meditate for longer then press your pause button and resume for the Blessing when you are ready.


We receive God's blessing

 Leader     The peace of God be

         over you to shelter you,

         under you to uphold you,

         about you to protect you,

         behind you to direct you,

         ever with you to save you.

All:             The peace of all peace

                   be mine this night.

         + in the name of the Father,

         and of the Son,

         and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Music to finish

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